Disha Reasoning Book Latest 2020 Hindi Edition PDF

Disha Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Book Latest 2020 Edition PDF

Disha Reasoning PDF Latest 2020 Hindi Edition PDF Free (Verbal & Non-Verbal)

Dear Student In today’s post, we have brought you for the people. There is a very important study material book named Disha reasoning PDF in Hindi, and in this book you will get to read Verbal Reasoning, Non- verbal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning.

Friends, you all know how important preparation for reasoning is for us. And reasoning comes in every competitive exams. So its preparation is very important as well, if you read from a good book, it is more beneficial, friends. Reasoning book is good for Railway, SBI, SSC: CGL, CPO, CHSL etc. It is our advice that all of you must download this book and share it to your friends.

Verbal Reasoning Units:

Coding – Decoding
Number and letter series
Goodwill test
Blood relationship
Direction test
Linear, circular and complex or mixed systems
Hierarchy and sequence
input Output
Mathematical operations
Logical th diagram
Justice corporation
Logical puzzles

Disha Reasoning PDF Download in Hindi

Non – Verbal Reasoning

The series
The dice
Cubic and cubic
The watches
Mirror reflection
Water reflection
Attached diagram
Picture completion
Cutting, folding and folding paper
Counting pictures
Analytical Reasoning
Introduction to analytical reasoning
Statement and logic
1-Statements and Presumptions
2-Statement and conclusion
Statement and action
Assertion and reason
Cause and effect
Friends, this shortcuts in reasoning pdf has been set by Disha Publication, in which you have been given Question Paper for Practice along with the complete information of reasoning along with the question paper. If you like this book then you can buy hard copy. What will you get to read in this book, you have given the information in brief, which you all must read before downloading this book.


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