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If you are searching on the internet about Best Online Education Sites, then I am going to answer your question through this post today. Well if you want to study from home or do not have any educational institutes near you. . And if you want to online Study in hindi then do it from where you are. Keep reading to know all this. best online education sites in india.
In today’s time everything is online. And you can also study online. There are some free methods to study online and there are some paid methods. In this post I will tell you about both the methods in detail And whether it is top Paid Online Education Sites

Let us know the number wise on our list

  1. indiabix.com

  The first number in our list is the best educational sites for students INDIABIX.com. On this site you can give CURRENTAFFAIRS, GK, Engineering, Puzzles, as well as online test.

2.  Meritnation: The second site in our list is called meritnation.com, this site is best for school level studies. From here you can teach your children. Or you can also study. From the site class -1 Also provides video for class exams as well as for entrance exams.
top educational websites in hindi

3. shiksha.com
Next in our list which is the top educational site is wo shiksha.com. On this site you can prepration of all types of competetive exams.


4. Unacademy.com
You can do all kinds of studies on unacademy.com par. The app of unacademy is also avaliable on the Google Play Store. Where you can do online study in hindi according to your expectation.

5. learncodeonline.com
If you are a student of computer science, then if you want to learn computer languages ​​like c, c ++, java… .This Best Online Education Site is very useful for you. Here computer coding is taught, but this site is paid site, it paid Provides tutorial. If you have to read something from here, then you will have to pay for it.


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